Short writings and musings on topics related to fashion, mental health, practical magic, philosophy and society; both in spanish and english.

On Fashion
-Lolita fashion and psychonautics SPA/ENG
-Gothic Lolita VS Lolita Goth SPA/ENG
-The consequences of the globalization of lolita fashion SPA/ENG

On philosophy, society and mental health
-The individual as representative of alternative collectives SPA/ENG
-Rant of a neurodivergent SPA/ENG

On magic and related subjects
-Unblocking/ Road opener prayer SPA/ENG
-Practical magic uses for rosemary SPA/ENG
-Practical magic uses for laurel SPA/ENG

Short fiction stories
– Koré (song lyrics) SPA/ENG
-“I’m sorry” SPA/ENG
-Fable of the little lolitas SPA/ENG
-Winds of youth SPA/ENG