By full name ‘Alchemy of the Soul: Sublimation’ This is the second book on the Alchemy of the Soul saga;
It picks up on the end of Alchemy of the Soul and continues on the reflective style of daily livings, incorporating even more alchemical and jungian symbolisms to heal the psyche.

In Sublimation, we leave further behind the analysis of situations and immerse deeply in how and why those situations affect the psyche, going in-full head first on a journey through the identity of the shadow self and the childhood trauma

This is my experience, this is how I’ve got to know what is hidden within myself through interactions, through the refraction of myself in the other; this is a work of meditations handed on a silver plate so others can identify in themselves their hidden fears and strengths

Alchemy of the Soul II Sublimation: A collection of poetry
Trim size A5 (5.83 x 8.27 in or 210 x 148 mm)
134 pages
Paperback ISBN 9789090350400

eBook ISBN 9798201947514