Alchemy of the Soul deluxe pack is now live

Hello everyone, thank you for your patience waiting for this special pack, curated wit love and thought

On the deluxe pack of Alchemy of the Soul you will get all that is featured o the image above, and a little surprise extra.
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Alchemy of the Soul is now available

Finally I released my first book; by the name of Alchemy of the Soul, you will be able to enjoy the meditations and reflections of four years in the life of a person with anxiety disorder, high sensitivity or just plainly too intense for a world where we’re running from one place to another non stop.

This is the journey of four years of living, of four years of facing challenges instead of running away; the journey of self-acceptance, of fear, of despair and understanding, of love and heartbreak; of hope. A carousel of emotions and meditations about life, experiences, and about all the people that made it to my heart. And I hope that it can also become a ray of light, and an encouragement to face life for those who might need it.

Where to buy*
The book is available to buy both eBook version and paperback through Amazon in USA , Canada , United Kingdom , Germany , France and Belgium , Italy , Spain and Portugal , Netherlands (eBook only, to purchase the printed edition in Netherlands you can do so from the German website) and Japan

It is also available in the digital eBook version in Brazil , Mexico , Australia and India

*by clicking in the country from where you would be buying it redirects straight to the amazon website

Thank you all, and I hope that you enjoy it,leave a review, share with your friends if you want and that you can see yourselves reflected in these pages, that you find in here some strength for yourselves and to make it through this strange world.